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  4. Heroes are chosen every Monday, so stay alert! The number of fights are limited so be careful with your fights! (30 Fights for Class x Class, 60 Fights with no restriction of Classes, and 10 3v3 party fights) The number of max enchant on olympiads fights it's 6! (If you are with more items enchanted above it, the status will be reduced to +6) For more information about it, use alt+b command and look at server info, even so if you have some question that's not on server info, use Discord to talk with us.
  5. There's a server tips for our server! Amor features: In the New World S80+ have unique balance: Elegia sets: good defense with good ofensive power Vorpal sets: better defense than others sets ( for those ones who wants tank and support classes) Vesper with masterwork status (including breastplate parts) : improved status of masterwork Moirai with masterwork status (including breastplate parts) : improved status of masterwork (better atck but less defense) Chose your path to the New World! Farming system The main currency on server are: New World Coin, Olympiad tickets, Event Coins, Vote Coins, Donation coins and adena for basic Players can obtain New World coins in main farming zones, vote system and few boss and grandbosses drop Events starts each 1 hour Nobles are now free after killing Barakiel Raid Boss! When you use 1 Elemental Stone it puts weapon on 150 att and armor in 60 When you use 1 Elemental Crystal it puts a weapon 150 elemental to 300, same for armor (60 to 120) If you want to help us with Donations, its possible to acquire unique items that dont break game mechanics but can give a litle advantage like: Unique custom bracelets that gives 6 Free slots for talismans and a mountary at your choice. (Remember that talismans have unlimited mana, so it is forever) Unique PvP rune that gives 200 p.atk/m.atack 200 p.def/m.def For any addictional information contact us in Discord.
  6. The rules are mandatory for all players, their observance is under the Administration of the server. The penalty for violation of the rules is also determined by them, depending on the violation, up to a full ban of the player without the possibility of amnesty. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse! 1. Rights and obligations of the parties 1.1. The administration reserves the right to make any changes on the server without prior notice to the players. 1.2. Ignorance of the rules does not exempt from liability for their violation. By confirming registration on the server, You automatically agree to the rules. 1.3. All players must independently monitor changes in the rules. 1.4. The administration of the server is not responsible for any damage caused by the game on this server. 1.5. The administration is not responsible for the temporary or permanent inability to play on the server by a particular person or group of persons. 1.6. The administration has the right at any time, without explanation, to stop providing access to the server to a particular user or subnet as a whole. 1.7. The administration is not obliged to return items, accounts, characters or their parameters lost by players for any possible reason. 1.8. In case of any failures in the servers, the Administration is taking necessary steps to improve its capacity in the shortest possible time. 1.9. Players must comply with the requirements of the Administration and the provisions of this agreement. 1.10. The responsibility of the account holder, regardless of who committed the actions under this account. 1.11. All players are obliged to monitor the absence of prohibited software. 1.12. In case of violation against the user of any provisions of this agreement by other players or GM'th user of the service has the right to file a complaint by providing evidence of violation. 1.13. Accounts and all their contents are the property of the server administration. 1.14. It is forbidden to argue and challenge the actions of the administration. 1.15. The administration reserves the right to delete characters and account that are not used for more than 60 days. 1.16. The administration has the right to control and interfere in the gameplay in any cases, when it considers it necessary. 1.17. The administration reserves the right not to investigate cases of breaking characters. 1.18. The administration does not bear any responsibility for things lost as a result of divorce. 1.19. In case of any violation of the rules, the administration chooses itself what kind of punishment will get the player without explanation. 1.20. The administration reserves the right to make changes to the set of rules without explaining the reasons and purposes of these changes. 1.21. Players are obliged to inform the administration about the found bugs and violations in a timely manner. 2. Interaction with the project administration 2.1. It is forbidden to access the Administration server unless absolutely necessary. Any appeal to Administration must contain a clear statement of the problem of the player or a question about specific servers. 2.2. Disrespectful attitude to the server Administration is prohibited. 2.3. Prohibited threats, pleas, etc. to the Administration server on the forum and in the game. 2.4. It is forbidden to attack GM's without their prior consent. 2.5. It is forbidden to interfere in the work of GM's. 2.6. It is forbidden to wrangle with GM'th and challenge his actions. 2.7. Prohibited Party, Friend, Clan, Ally or Trade request GM's without his prior consent. 2.8. Deception of administration is forbidden. 2.9. The publication of conversations with GM's or their content without prior approval is prohibited. 2.10. It is forbidden to annoy (re-message more than once every two days) GM's requests to cancel the sentence 2.11. It is forbidden to discuss the penalty imposed GM'om 2.12. GM's does not interfere with the gameplay, except in cases of violation of the rules, scheduled events or ongoing work. 2.13. When you appear in the immediate vicinity of the Gamemaster should suspend any fighting, especially if they are directed against the character, near which there was a representative of the administration. 2.14. In case of disputes, the player has the right to file a complaint to the e-mail address, providing evidence of violation (screenshots, videos) 2.15. It is forbidden to spread rumors, slander about the server and the Administration. 2.16. It is forbidden to wrangle with GM'th and challenge his actions. 2.17. In some cases, the GM itself decides on the punishment, which is also non-negotiable. 3. The use of the software and gameplay 3.1. It is forbidden to use the program, as well as to disseminate information about it, automating\emulating the presence of the player in the game or disrupting the normal functioning of the server software. Under such a program means changing the client or replacing it, or modifying or facilitating the gameplay not game methods. 3.2. Unauthorized access to someone else's game account is prohibited. 3.3. Prohibited threats of any kind towards players, if the threat is not part of the roleplay. 3.4. It is forbidden to send to the General chat messages violating the laws of Russia, Ukraine 3.5. It is forbidden to sell or buy for real money, as well as equated to them «electronic means of payment» (WebMoney, Yandex Money, etc.), any game items (Aden, weapons, armor, resources, etc.). Sale of game characters and(or) accounts is prohibited in any form, for any game and non-game values. It is forbidden to mention or discuss such transactions in the game, on the forum, as well as on third-party resources. 3.6. Prohibited exchange between servers of any game items (adena, weapons, armor, resources, etc.). Exchange of game characters and(or) accounts is prohibited in any form, including within the same server. It is forbidden to mention or discuss such transactions in the game, on the forum, as well as on third-party resources. 3.7. It is prohibited to advertise other online games, either explicitly or implicitly. 3.8. It is forbidden to publish the content of personal conversations (in private) with anyone without prior consent (exception - to report a violation of the rules by another player). 3.9. Explicitly or indirectly advertise sexual services and/or erotic (pornographic) materials. 3.10. All manifestations of racism and nationalism are prohibited. 3.11. Prohibited use of the symbols of clan wars as emblems of clans and alliances (Such introduces players astray in mass wars). 3.12. It is forbidden to intentionally create situations in which players can not allocate NPCs without using the command /target {name} 3.13. It is forbidden to deliberately create situations in which players can not pass through the arches, narrow passages, etc. 3.14. It is forbidden to lift suspicious things from the floor if the administration has reported a possible error, etc. 3.15. Cyclic macros are allowed to be used exclusively when playing a single player, one character. 4. Using server errors, bugs and cheats 4.1. It is forbidden to use server errors and server SOFTWARE, bugs and cheats. 4.2. It is forbidden to check the server for bugs and cheats. 4.3. It is forbidden to kill monsters when they can not hit the player for a reason caused by methods not provided by the game. 4.4. It is forbidden to disseminate information about server errors and server SOFTWARE, bugs and cheats. 5. Conversation and naming 5.1. Flooding is forbidden in public places. Messages about sale, purchase and exchange are allowed only in trade and hero chats, no more than one message every 60 seconds. 5.2. Strictly forbidden to use foul language and insulting players in-game and on the forum. 5.3. Inadmissible clan names, abbreviations, clans, insulting other players or simply contain vulgar language. In the case of clan the clan is disbanded, and the clan leader's account is blocked. Prohibited names insulting other players or simply contain vulgar language. 5.4. When creating a character is forbidden to give him a name that is reserved words: GM, Administrator and the names of the administration, as previously used and the real. 5.5. It is forbidden to impersonate the Administration or an authorized representative of the administration. 6. The conduct of trade and relations between players 6.1. Prohibited any fraudulent activities conducted with the purpose of obtaining money or property of another player. 6.2. It is forbidden to use the shortcomings of the game when trading, because the similarity of textures, removing things when trading, etc. 6.3. It is forbidden to trade in places where it can bring inconvenience to other players (arches, narrow passages ) 6.4. The administration does not return things lost when throwing off on the ground! 6.5. Public demonstration of leaving the server through the distribution of in-game items with an announcement in the global chat is prohibited. 7. Recommendations 7.1. Be correct in your interactions with other players and the GM. 7.2. Timely inform the server administration about the defects found. 7.3. When addressing the administration do not need greetings, questions "are you here?", "can I ask a question?", "can I apply?" and other irrelevant things, go straight to the question you are interested in. 7.4. Try to write in linguistically correct language. 8. Rules for GM's and supports 8.1. It is forbidden to artificially increase the level, as well as any other parameter of your or any other game character. Except in cases that require it (for example, testing a bug, holding an event, etc.). 8.2. It is forbidden to create and participate in clans, even if joining a clan will be minute. 8.3. It is forbidden to disrupt the gameplay: the transfer game by any means things, objects, help with pumping, etc. (exceptions may be during events, weddings or testing, and only with approval of the chief Masterís). 8.4. It is forbidden to join the group (even not for the purpose of leveling players), if it is not required. 8.5. Intimidation/humiliation of players is prohibited. 8.6. It is forbidden to use the rights of the GM in their own interests. 8.7. It is forbidden to teleport players without their consent, except in cases of violation of the rules. 8.8. It is prohibited to cause in a peaceful area of monsters without the consent of the GM chief. 8.9. Prohibited the intentional knocking out of certain items from mobs. 8.10. It is forbidden to make various unsubstantiated defamatory statements to the players of the server. 8.11. It is forbidden to interfere in any game situations, if they do not violate the rules of the server. Provided range of punishments Block Chat. Changing the parameters of the character. Removal of all or part of the character's inventory. Lock account. Lock character. Block the IP address and, in exceptional cases, the entire subnet. Incarceration. Deprivation character honorary title Nobless or Hero. Deprivation Of The Clan's Clanhall.. Deprivation Of The Clan Castle. For all questions regarding gameplay, please contact the appropriate section of the forum. In case of violation of any rules, the Administration reserves the right to choose the punishment at its discretion. The administration of the server takes all possible measures to ensure the security of accounts. But the players themselves must take care of their safety. Use alphanumeric passwords of at least 8 characters. Do not tell anyone your password, experience shows that most break-ins make friends. GMs and supports will never ask for your password. Remember, the administration does not return items lost due to hacking. The hacked accounts are banned forever.
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