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  1. Heroes are chosen every Monday, so stay alert! The number of fights are limited so be careful with your fights! (30 Fights for Class x Class, 60 Fights with no restriction of Classes, and 10 3v3 party fights) The number of max enchant on olympiads fights it's 6! (If you are with more items enchanted above it, the status will be reduced to +6) For more information about it, use alt+b command and look at server info, even so if you have some question that's not on server info, use Discord to talk with us.
  2. There's a server tips for our server! Amor features: In the New World S80+ have unique balance: Elegia sets: good defense with good ofensive power Vorpal sets: better defense than others sets ( for those ones who wants tank and support classes) Vesper with masterwork status (including breastplate parts) : improved status of masterwork Moirai with masterwork status (including breastplate parts) : improved status of masterwork (better atck but less defense) Chose your path to the New World! Farming system The main currency on server are: New World Coin, Olympiad tickets, Event Coins, Vote Coins, Donation coins and adena for basic Players can obtain New World coins in main farming zones, vote system and few boss and grandbosses drop Events starts each 1 hour Nobles are now free after killing Barakiel Raid Boss! When you use 1 Elemental Stone it puts weapon on 150 att and armor in 60 When you use 1 Elemental Crystal it puts a weapon 150 elemental to 300, same for armor (60 to 120) If you want to help us with Donations, its possible to acquire unique items that dont break game mechanics but can give a litle advantage like: Unique custom bracelets that gives 6 Free slots for talismans and a mountary at your choice. (Remember that talismans have unlimited mana, so it is forever) Unique PvP rune that gives 200 p.atk/m.atack 200 p.def/m.def For any addictional information contact us in Discord.